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May 5, 2010
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Green Dao by LongshipArmoury Green Dao by LongshipArmoury
Green Dao
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If I ever break my leg I'm going to get one of these, maybe reduce the hand guard a bit, and slip it into the cast along the outside of my leg. Then I'll chill in south end and wait to get mugged with a knife. I'll let them say whatever, stare at them quietly, and slowly draw this from my cast. Then I'll look all angry and go "THE GREAT RA'S AL GHUL SENDS HIS REGARDS!" and hobble at them.
I'll visit your grave when you get slit up for being an idiot.
Get in line. I'll have made the national news by then.
IllEatYourself Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the look of this chinese dao. Looks little less bulky than the others Daos that i've seen. Looks like deliver much better thrust and stab than the other.

I just discovered this image via a Google search for "Odinblades dao".

I am the person who commissioned John to make this dao and I took the photos of it that are on John's website and other places.

Vega, That is a sharpened back-edge and believe me, it was very sharp!! I became obsessed with the Chinese dao and spent months doing online research to find photographs of antiques. I did a very rough sketch of what I wanted and sent that with dozens of images of antiques and this is what John came up with!

I must say that this sword's handling was as good as it's looks. I've owned three Angus Trim swords, one Albion, one antique Chinese jian, this dao and a Windlass jian. Three of those swords were in a class of their own in the handling department: The antique jian, the albion and the Odinblades dao.

You may note that I refer the sword in the past tense and that is because I sold it several years ago. My interest in swords had waned considerably and I needed funds to pursue new interests. The person who bought it was thinking about commissioning a sword from John but wanted to have an example of his work in hand. He has since stated that he loved this sword from the moment he removed it from the packing material and he subsequently commissioned another sword from John. I have since become interested in swords again and I'm expecting a new sword from John any day now.
how do you put the blood grooves into the blade?
Is that a sharpened back edge I spy? Very nice. It's refreshing to see an actual dao labeled as a dao, rather than the usual niuweidao (the colloquial Chinese broadsword) being called just a straight dao. Don't get me wrong; I like the niuweidao since it can be a rather nasty blade even in unskilled hands, but is probably one of the best style of one handed swords (unless of course you prefer a Roman gladius, a European arming sword, or, god forbid, a rapier).
A rapier? Don't you mean a fancy fire poker?
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